Dating Relationship Tips and Tricks to Seduce

Dating relationship tips and tricks are in plentiful supply all over the place and especially on the Internet but many are stale and no longer work as well as in the past. However, there are a few that have stood the test of time and if you are seriously looking for effective ways to seduce the women of your dreams, read on and be instantly successful when you finally put them into practice. You will be pleasantly surprise in the results you get.

Entice her into a few games

Men love to complete with men, but when they get their women into the competition the result is stupendous. You have probably played several bedroom games before, but taking the competition outside will lift your dating relationship to a new level. In fact women love to be at par with men, and these games often raise the sexual anxiety in them. When you carry it home, it could last even longer than you had expected. So do sign up the two of you for a pub trivia night out or even for an adventure race. It doesn’t matter if you are on the same team; just give her a chance to get into a competitive edge which will get her dopamine levels all up.

Give her a hot massage

Dating relationship tips and even research proves that a nice scintillating massage helps release vital hormones and also works at increasing arousal. All you will need to do is give her a nice massage starting from her lower spine moving slowly towards the neck and shoulder. It is guaranteed that by the time you reach destination zone you would have gotten your women into the mood since by now her oxytocin levels should be at topmost force. If you are lucky enough, it could even be sooner than expected.

Candle light dinner

You will need to prepare this well in advance. After all you do not want to slog over the stove when your date is in your home. Bring out the sensuality in her, light the room with sweet scented candles, play some soft beautiful music that both of you love and chill some champagne. Although you may have fantasies built up in your mind through the day, it is important that you take it slowly here. Pop open the champagne, get a few aphrodisiacs as starters. Better still include them in your dinner, give her your ear when she talks, and hold her hand. Dance a little and by this time she probably wants to rip your clothes apart. But this dating relationship tip requires you to be patient and all your effort and preparation will bear fruits.

Relationship Tips To Create More Fun And Playfulness With Your Partner

My husband and I spend a lot of time together. We have gone on 3-week vacations together, in which we are with each other almost 24 hours of every single day. And like any other couple, we do have friction from time to time, but we never get tired of being around each other. We haven’t needed to “take a break” or retreat to our respective “caves”.

Why? My theory is two-fold. We are able to spend so much time together because we allow each other our own space (even when we are together) and because we are playful and have fun with each other.

While writing this, I realized that having a great relationship with someone really has more to do with having a great relationship with yourself first. Think about it…if you have a lot of doubts, fear and negativity in your own life, what do you really have to offer to another person, besides a warm body at night?

A common value that my husband and I share is that we are both COMMITTED to evolving and growing as human beings first – in our work, life, spirituality and relationships. We are both continuously working on being the best human beings we can be. The positive benefits of living this way automatically drip over into our relationship with each other.

We are far from perfect, and still have our quibbles, but I have pondered what makes our relationship fun and work so well for us. This is what I have come up with and hope that my relationship tips can help you in your relationship.

Don’t Take Life So Seriously
More than a few times, I have gotten caught up in the ridiculous delusion of taking life too serious. A recent example is when I got an attitude with my husband for making me late to an appointment because he wanted to stop at the post office beforehand to pick up a package. The woman at the post office couldn’t find his package and ended up spending 20 minutes looking for it. I waited outside in the car, frantically texting him to make sure he was aware that I was going to be late.

As he casually strolled out to the car, I lost it. How inconsiderate of him to not be rushing as if his life depended on it. Then he got in the car and leisurely searched for his sunglasses and put them on before starting the car. I was on fire.

This would have been the perfect time for a self-reminder not to take life so seriously. But no, I had to grill him first and try to manipulate him into feeling guilty for his inconsiderate actions. I was on a roll. I was clutching onto anger and unwilling to let it go. And all for what??


Thankfully he didn’t entertain my negative reaction and turned up the radio and started to sing.

JFZ (Judgment Free Zone)
My husband will actually sing out the above phrase to me when he feels that I am judging him. It snaps me out of my judgment mode and actually makes me laugh. Open communication creates emotional connection and bonding. The death of a relationship is when one partner or the other feels unable to openly express themselves without being judged by the other.

Judgements prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances. ~ Wayne Dyer

When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself as someone who needs to judge. ~ Wayne Dyer

Get Over Things Quickly
I have learned that feeling good is way more important than holding on to grudges or anger. I see feeling negative as poison and want to get it out of my system as soon as possible. I am much quicker now to release negative feelings than I used to be. What used to take me days to get over now takes me just minutes or seconds. I have learned to just let it go. Being happy feels so good.

Always Be Learning
Once you stop learning, you are boring. If you don’t question yourself or life, you are boring. My husband and I are always learning new things. It keeps life and our relationship interesting. Currently, our “thing” is that once a week, we plan something new to do. Last week, we went to Bingo night, which neither of us have done before. This week we are going ghost hunting.

Make the Mundane Insanely Fun
This boils down to having fun no matter what you’re doing or where you’re at. It’s all about the attitude you choose to have. It’s about being random. Doing what you feel like doing without caring what others think. My husband and I do this all the time, every single day.

An example is when my husband left for work one morning and called me just 10 minutes after leaving. When I answered he said “hi”. I was surprised and touched that he was calling just to say hi. Then he immediately said “bye” and hung up. I almost died laughing.

Aside from being random, we make everything into a game. While watching the previews at a movie theater, we will say “yay” or “nay” at the end of each preview signifying whether or not we would watch that movie.

Helpful, Passionate, Loving, Relationship Tips For Parents

Discover great passionate loving relationship tips for parents who are still raising children at home. Relationship tips for parents may be very helpful to couples that may have put their intense love for each other on the back burner in order to focus on raising a family. That intense love may slowly diminish over time due to the commitments and obligations of being a parent.

Couples may become less sensitive and caring towards one another. Exhibiting affection can be little to none at all. It is quite unfortunate for parents to lose that loving feeling. Loving and being loved is what empowers us in being responsible, healthy and conscious-minded individuals. Let us explore some ways that may be of help to those seeking a little assistance.

Be present for each other

Being present for one another offers the opportunity of feeling closeness. Listen closely to what is being communicated, trying not to judge but to understand. Allow your partner to express their concerns, problems, and joys. Respond appropriately creating room for growth, balance and intimacy. An important note to take in mind is that you will want to work together in being a united force in the decision making process involving the children. It will present itself to the child that you are working together and will also create a strong foundation of trust between each parent, an important ingredient for loving.

Loving touches

This can be quite nurturing and reassuring that love is still present. This does not have to take place when the children are not present. Take the time to hold hands. Gently caress the back of your partner’s neck or back. Stroke each other’s arm or even the side of the face. Be sure not to hold any limits to hugging. Just as much as children loved to be hugged, we as adults enjoy it just as much, if not more, from our partner. The power of touch is beautiful and is great for stimulating the senses for loving.

Loving words

There is nothing more heart-warming, loving and arousing than using and receiving loving words. These words can be used out of common courtesy and kindness to arousing the senses for sexual pleasure. However the words are expressed, be sure to use them with intention and love of heart. This wonderful channel of communication will allow love to flow freely and openly.